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Ministry Training with Grace Notes

The Christian who does not understand what God has done in the past, and who does not have faith in what God will do in the future, will be overwhelmed by today's crisis.

Chester McCalley

Grace Notes supports Ministry Training in North America and in many other countries of the world. Pastor-Teachers and church education leaders use Grace Notes for their basic training curriculum for educating pastors, evangelists, teachers of adults and children, and church administrators.

Many pastors and teachers use Grace Notes courses both for help in preparation for teaching and for use in classes held in Sunday schools, home schools, cell churches, and other venues where the Word of God is taught.

Grace Notes offers twelve (12) Units of course work, each unit roughly analogous to a semester of Bible College instruction. Students can earn certificates for each course completed, Unit certificates, and Diplomas for completing various portions of the curriculum. See the course descriptions here: Diplomas in Bible Teaching