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Grace Notes Authors

Here are brief biographies of the authors of Grace Notes materials. 

Bob Bolender
Pastor, Austin Bible Church, Austin, Texas
[email protected]

Rev. Drue Freeman
Pastor, Trinity Bible Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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Dr. Dan Hill
Pastor, Southwood Bible Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma
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Rev. Mark Perkins
Pastor, Front Range Bible Church, Denver, Colorado
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Dr. Grant C. Richison
Lecturer, Campus Crusade for Christ (Canada)
Pastor Emeritus, Grant Memorial Baptist Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba

William E. Wenstrom, Jr
Pastor, Wenstrom Bible Ministries in Marion, Iowa
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Warren Doud
Founder, Grace Notes
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Dr. Dan Hill

After graduating from high school in Scottsdale, Arizona, Dan Hill served in the United States Navy. Upon receiving his honorable discharge in 1965 he attended Arizona State University where he received a degree in Speech and History. Dan and his wife Patricia were married in 1970.

Following three years of teaching in the public schools, Dr. Hill enrolled at Dallas Theological Seminary where he received his Masters degree in Theology in 1976. During that time he also was working on research that earned him a Doctorate from the California Graduate School of Theology in 1977.

Dr. Hill pastored Grace Bible Church in Prescott, Arizona for three years, then returned to Phoenix where he was the Bible editor for Alpha Omega Publications and assistant pastor of West Side Bible Church. In 1987, the Hills moved to Hope, Arkansas where Dr. Hill served as pastor of Hope Community Church. In 1990, Dr. Hill accepted his present pastorate at Southwood Bible Church in Tulsa.

Rev. Mark Perkins

Pastor Mark Robert Perkins considers it a privilege and honor to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and His church as a Christian who has been saved from sin and destruction. By God’s grace alone he has enjoyed the following realms of service:

He has been married to his lovely wife Rene’ since 1987. Mark and Rene’ are blessed to have two believing children, Turner, born in 1995, and Alexandra, born in 1998. Turner is currently studying at Moody Bible Institute to become a pastor.

Mark has a B.A in Bible Literature from Azusa Pacific University and a Master's degree in New Testament from Talbot Theological Seminary, with additional studies at the University of Houston in Classical Literature. He served for five years in the Army National Guard as a Cavalry Scout and Fire Direction Controller. He was ordained at Berachah Church in Houston, Texas in 1987, and he has been the Pastor of Front Range Bible Church since 1988.

Mark is co-founder and past-president of Camp Arete’, and for the past ten years active in part time missions to Ukraine, with other destinations planned in the near future. He is a teacher at Disciple Makers Multiplied. He has been adjunct faculty at Word of God Bible College in Kyiv, Ukraine, and Rocky Mountain Bible College in Denver, and served on the board of governors of Chafer Theological Seminary from 2006-2009. He also has guest-lectured at Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, Colorado. Mark has hosted his own radio show on 560 AM KLZ in Denver.

Dr. Grant C. Richison

Dr. Richison is a highly experienced pastor, lecturer, and Christian servant who is dedicated to a lifetime of studying and teaching God's Word. Almost immediately after his salvation he began to desire to teach the Word, and he set about a lifelong program of preparation and ministry.

Dr. Richison has a diploma from Detroit Bible Institute, a bachelor's degree in religious education from William Tyndale College (Detroit), a Masters in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, and a doctorate in ministries from Luther Rice Seminary in Jacksonville, Florida.

Dr. Richison has been pastor and senior pastor of Baptist churches from 1965 to 1992. His most recent pastorate was at Grant Memorial Baptist Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba, where, over a 20 year period, he had oversight of a ministry that expanded from about 350 to more than 2500 communicants. During the period of his pastorates, Dr. Richison was also a lecturer at Detroit Bible College and Winnipeg Theological Seminary.

From 1993 to 1995, Dr. Richison was Director of Leadership Ministries for Campus Crusade for Christ (Canada). He currently has a world-wide lecture ministry with Campus Crusade.

Dr. Richison is an experienced writer, and he provides materials for three areas on the Internet: Sermon on the Net; Today's Word, and Pastors' Power Points. He has considerable ability to communicate God's Word verse by verse in a relevant, clear, applicable and insightful manner and to communicate vision and establish a philosophy of ministry in the local assembly.

Pastor William Wenstrom

Pastor William E. Wenstrom, Jr. is the pastor of Wenstrom Bible Ministries in Marion, Iowa. In 1998, he was ordained by Pastor Robert McLaughlin of Grace Bible Church in Somerset, Massachusetts. He moved from the Massachusetts area in August of 2001 and began a church in the Eastern Iowa area which he pastored until 2010. In August of 2010, he began another church in Marion, IA which he is presently pastoring.

Pastor Wenstrom has recorded more than 2,500 hours of lectures. He has written over fourteen hundred articles pertaining to various theological subjects, Biblical figures, and Greek word studies. He also has expositions on Genesis, First John, First Timothy, Ephesians, Exodus, Jonah, Philemon, Philippians, Romans, Titus and Daniel. Pastor Wenstrom’s teaching is based on the original languages of Scripture in the light of their historical context in which the Bible was written. In addition, he is an accomplished musician, singing and playing guitar and composing his own original Christian music.

Warren Doud

My theological orientation, briefly, is evangelical Christian. I believe that the Bible in its original manuscripts is divinely inspired and that Jesus Christ is God and Savior. The Grace Notes doctrinal statement is adapted from my personal doctrinal position.

I graduated in 1957 from Prairie Bible Institute, Three Hills, Alberta, Canada, with majors in Bible, English, and Christian Music. I received the BS in Mathematics and Computer Science (1967), and an MS in Mathematics (Abstract Algebra and Topology) (1969), from the University of Southwest Louisiana, Lafayette, LA.

Ethel and I spent several years in Christian work as a vocation: three (3) years with Christian boarding school and mission in the U.S., as teacher of math, French, and English. Three years as principal of Christian school in Austin, Texas, in a local church, grades 2 to 12. I am an active Bible teacher and writer.

I was employed from 1980 to 2011 as a computer information specialist and science writer with BAE SYSTEMS, the Analysis and Applied Research Division, Austin, TX. and with Ultra Electronics Advanced Tactical Systems.

I am retired from work now and my Christian work is Bible teaching and writing and in the management of Grace Notes.

C. F. Keil & Franz Delitzsch