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Methods of Bible Study

William Henry Griffith Thomas (2 January 1861 – 2 June 1924) was an Anglican cleric and scholar from the English–Welsh border country. Griffith Thomas, with Lewis Sperry Chafer, was co–founder of Dallas Theological Seminary. See Wikipedia for biography: William Henry Griffith Thomas

From the book’s preface:

It is hoped that Christian workers of our Churches may find herein some suggestions for a fuller knowledge of their handbook of service and for a more efficient use of their weapon or warfare, the English Bible. If anything is found helpful to theological students, and those whose ministry has just commenced, the purpose of these papers will be more than realized.

There can be no doubt that the most powerful and fruitful ministry will ever be the ministry of those who are, like Apollos, “might in the Scriptures”.

Course Outline:

There are ten (10) lessons in this course, covering the 120 pages of Griffith Thomas’s Methods of Bible Study. When you have completed all of the lessons, we will send you a certificate of completion, and update your records in the Grace Notes training database. Each lesson has a Quiz, to be completed and returned to Grace Notes after studying the lesson.

To register for the certificate course, write to Warren Doud.

Lessons Chapters Links


Chapter I – The Bible as a Whole


Chapter II – The Old Testament

Chapter III – The New Testament

STUDY003 Chapter IV – Old Testament Books PDF
STUDY004 Chapter V – New Testament Books PDF
STUDY005 Chapter VI – Old Testament Subjects PDF

Chapter VII – Old Testament Doctrine

Chapter VIII – Christ in the Old Testament

STUDY007 Chapter IX – New Testament Subjects PDF
STUDY008 Chapter X – New Testament Doctrine PDF
STUDY009 Chapter XI – Minute Study PDF
STUDY010 Chapter XII – Object of Bible Study, Chapter XIII – The Student’s Two Bibles PDF