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This expositional Bible study of the book of Esther was written by Dr. Daniel Hill when he was the Pastor of Southwood Bible Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He taught the complete book, verse by verse, to his congregation there. He has made his notes available to Grace Notes for development into course materials.

God's sovereign power is magnificently displayed in the story of Esther. The Jews in Jerusalem could read this and be greatly encouraged knowing that if God is in control in Babylon, how much more so with those in Jerusalem, in his geographical will, who are calling daily upon the name of the most high God.

Today we can take great comfort and encouragement from this story. There are believers, Christians today out of the will of God; but God is still in control just as He was in Esther's day. For those who know that they are in God's will, how much more is God in control of every facet of their lives.

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The Grace Notes course in ESTHER has ten (10) lessons.
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