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Foundations is a study program developed by Pastor Drue Freeman (Trinity Bible Church, Oklahoma City, OK) that was designed to assist the new student of the Word of God to "grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ (2 Pet 3:18)." Therefore, the emphasis throughout the Foundations study program is not only to understand the significance and depth of God's Word but also to aid the student in the development of his own spiritual life.

The lessons are distributed by email. To register for the certificate course, write to Warren Doud.

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Foundations 100 Topics
Lesson 101
Lesson 101 Quiz
Personal Preparation; The Bible; Historical Overview
Lesson 102
Lesson 102 Quiz
A Chronological Overview; Preparing to Study the Bible
Lesson 103
Lesson 103 Quiz
Interpret Based on Divine Essence; Interpret Christologically; Interpret the Differences
Lesson 104
Lesson 104 Quiz
Interpret to Find Out How to Live; Interpret From Primary Passages; Interpret Based on Context
Lesson 105
Lesson 105 Quiz
Interpret Comparatively; Interpret Harmoniously; Interpret Literally
Lesson 106
Lesson 106 Quiz
Interpret Recognizing Human Volition; Interpret Progressively; Interpret Dispensationally
Lesson 107
Lesson 107 Quiz
Interpret Covenantally; Interpret Specifically; Interpret Prophecy Carefully
Lesson 108
Lesson 108 Quiz
Getting Familiar with the Book; Make an Outline of the Book; Narrow the Scope of Your Study
Lesson 109
Lesson 109 Quiz
Looking for the Relationships; Analyzing the Remote Context
Lesson 110
Lesson 110 Quiz
Expanding Your Study; Making the Points

Foundations 200 Topics
Lesson 201
Historical Overview of the Bible
Lesson 202
Survey: Genesis to Deuteronomy
Lesson 203
Survey: Joshua to Esther
Lesson 204
Survey: Job to Song of Solomon
Lesson 205
Survey: Isaiah to Daniel
Lesson 206
Survey: Hosea to Malachi
Lesson 207
Survey: Matthew to John
Lesson 208
Survey: Acts to Colossians
Lesson 209
Survey: 1 Thessalonians to Hebrews
Lesson 210
Survey: James to Revelation