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This is a course in the practice of Hermeneutics. Source Materials: "Hermeneutics: the Science and Art of Biblical Interpretation", Drue Freeman, Pastor, Trinity Bible Church, Oklahoma City, OK and "A Syllabus of Studies in Hermeneutics", Rollin Thomas Chafer

Click to download the PDF of the complete study here: HERMENEUTICS

Lessons Description Links
HERM001 Lessons 1 and 2 PDF
HERM002 Lessons 3 and 4 PDF
HERM003 Lesson 5 PDF
HERM004 Lesson 6 PDF
HERM005 Lessons 7 and 8 PDF
HERM006 Lessons 9 and 10 PDF
HERM007 Lesson 11 PDF
HERM008 Lesson 12 PDF
HERM009 Lesson 13 PDF
HERM010 Lesson 14 PDF

The Grace Notes course in HERMENEUTICS is distributed by email.
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