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History 500 - Old Testament History

by Alfred Edersheim

This course is based on the book by Alfred Edersheim, Old Testament History.

The Grace Notes course has 20 lessons, with quizzes.
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Download the complete file, with Table of Contents: Old Testament History

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Volume 1 The World before the Flood

I_01 Creation; Man in the Garden of Eden; The Fall

I_02 Cain and Abel – The Two Ways and the Two Races

I_03 Seth and his Descendants – The Race of Cain

I_04 Genealogy of the Believing Race, through Seth

I_05 The Universal Corruption of Man – Preparation for the Flood

I_06 The Flood – History of the Patriarchs

I_07 After the Flood – Noah's Sacrifice – Noah's Sin – Noah's Descendants

I_08 Genealogy of Nations – Babel – Confusion of tongues

I_09 The Nations and their Religion

I_10 The Chronology of the early History of the Bible – Commencement of the History of God's Dealings with Abraham and his Seed

I_11 The Calling of Abram – His Arrival in Canaan, and Temporary Removal to Egypt