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Text: Elementary Homiletics, by Rev. Jacob Fry, D.D. Dr. Fry was Professor of Homiletics and Sacred Oratory in the Lutheran Theological Seminary, Mount Airy, Philadelphia, PA. His book was published in 1897 by The Christian Literature Company, New York, NY

FProfessor Fry writes, in his Preface:

The book does not claim nor pretend to be a treatise on Homiletics, nor a set of lectures on the subject in full form. That field is abundantly covered; but there seemed to be a need of a text-book giving only rules and explanatory notes, which would form the basis of free lectures, which are always preferable in the department of Practical Theology, and give the instructor every opportunity to make his own additions, comments, and illustrations.

It may also be of helpful service to young ministers, whether they have studied larger works on the subject or not, in presenting in succinct form those elements and first principles and rules in the preparation of sermons which should ever be kept in view, but are too often overlooked or forgotten. The examples given under many of the rules will aid in understanding their force and meaning

Course Outline:

There are ten (10) lessons in this course, covering the 150 pages of Fry’s Elementary Homiletics. When you have completed all of the lessons, we will send you a certificate of completion, and update your records in the Grace Notes training database. Each lesson has a Quiz, to be completed and returned to Grace Notes after studying the lesson.

To register for the certificate course, write to Warren Doud.

Lessons Chapters Links
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HOM005 Chapter V PDF
HOM006 Chapter VI PDF
HOM007 Chapter VII PDF
HOM008 Chapter VIII PDF
HOM009 Chapter IX PDF
HOM010 Chapter X and XI PDF