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Epistle to Titus

by Warren Doud

An expositional study of the Epistle to Titus. Titus was assigned by Paul to "correct the things wanting" on the island of Crete.

An excellent book to study; my personal favorite, probably because it's the first complete book I taught, and the first one I memorized. It's a short book, so your gratification and blessing at having studied (and memorized) a complete book comes fairly quickly.

There are 10 lessons in the Titus course, distributed by email. To register for the certificate courses, write to Warren Doud.

Download the whole Titus study in a single file: TITUS (PDF)

The topical studies are listed in alphabetical order in the Topics Library.

Titus 1:1-7
Titus001 Quiz
Godliness | Hope | Preaching | Paul the Apostle
Titus 1:8,9
Titus002 Quiz
Judgment, Justice, Judging | Shepherds of the Flock of God
Titus 1:10-16
Titus003 Quiz
Circumcision | Union with Christ | Mental Attitude | Sins of the Tongue
Titus 2:1-6
Titus004 Quiz
Faith-Rest | Old Age | Authority
Titus 2:7-10
Titus005 Quiz
Servants of God | Servants and Slaves in Palestine
Titus 2:11,12
Titus006 Quiz
Grace | Salvation Doctrines
Titus 2:13-15
Titus007 Quiz
Rapture | Redemption
Titus 3:1-6
Titus008 Quiz
Anger | Forgiveness | Regeneration | Sin Nature | Essence of God
Titus 3:7-11
Titus009 Quiz
Heresy and Apostasy | Propitiation | Imputation | Reconciliation
Titus 3:12-15
Titus010 Quiz
Apollos | Aquila and Priscilla