Grace Bible College of Kabwe

Child Evangelism in Public Schools

Assembly at Danford Chirwa School

Pastor Nsofwa visits more than 25 public schools every month, where he is allowed up to 20 minutes in school assemblies to give a gospel message. He has been doing this work for several years, and he is now able to preach the Word of God to as many as 23,000 primary, high school, and university students and their teachers on a regular basis.

This work has produced rich spiritual dividends as many hundreds of young people have come to know the Lord Jesus Christ. Some who have graduated have entered into their own lives of Christian service.

In his report for November 2012, Gabriel notes that transport costs were $375 for visiting forty-four (44) schools. The closest school was within walking distance from his home, so there was no transportation cost. The two most distant schools are 30 kilometers (18 miles) from his home, and they cost about $25 in round-trip fares.

Challenge: To raise $350 monthly so that Gabriel can use taxis when required to go to these schools. Currently, he only has funds for about 1/2 of his visits, the rest of the time he walks or uses public transport to cut down the walking distance.

Class at Nkwashi Primary School

Kabwe, Zambia Schools Visited in 2012
School # Students
Primary Schools [34]
Broadway Basic School 682
Bruneli Basic School 720
Buseko Basic School 876
Buyantashi Basic School 710
Danford Chirwa School 571
Family Missions School 201
Freedom Private School 86
Jacaranda Primary School 965
Jacaranda Trust School 154
Jessy Mine School 506
Kabwe Trust School 801
Kamanda Basic School 453
Kasanda Basic School 582
Kizito Basic School 809
Lukanga Basic School 453
Makululu Basic School 720
Mine Basic School 367
Makululu Basic School 720
Mpima Dairy Basic School 987
Mukobeko Basic School 675
Mwashi Basic School 962
Nambe Basic School 90
Natuseko Basic School 723
Neem Tree Primary School 723
Nkwashi Basic School 453
Raphael Kombe Girls HS 550
Shitima Basic School 463
St. Mary's Basic School 502
High Schools [8]
Bwacha High School 769
Chindwin High School 907
Highridge High School 546
Jasmine High School 134
Kabwe High School 1056
Kalonga High School 209
Mukobeko High School 564
Raphael Kombe Girls High School 550
College and University [2]
Kabwe Trades College 574
Nkrumah University 907
TOTAL ~ 23,000